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Yahoo IM worm hits Skype in new iteration

Posted: May 10, 2010 at 4:20 pm No Comment

Yahoo IM worm hits Skype in new iteration

Looks like the Yahoo IM worm now comes in a newer version and will plus affect Skype users, so you might want to be more careful and wary when using either IM program from now on. For the Yahoo version, that worm will install backdoors on Windows systems via Yahoo Instant Messenger, while the newer Skpe-enabled (if we can shout it that) version is more sophisticated in its social engineering and payload. The malware will come in the anatomy of an instant letter through Yahoo or Skype, where you should set your careful flags whenever one of these messages including “Does my new hair style look good? poor? perfect?” or “My printer is about to be thrown through a window whether that pic won’t come out right. You see anything wrong with it?” pop up, complete with a link to a Web page that looks as though it leads you to an image file. When the link is clicked, it will show an interface which resembles the RapidShare Web hosting site with a ZIP file for download. visit on it and your computer will be infected once the malware is downloaded and installed. It has been detected as “W32.Skyhoo.Worm”, and will vanish whether your computer does not have Skype or Yahoo Messenger installed.

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