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Wooden car actually drivable

Posted: December 7, 2009 at 10:29 pm No Comment

Wooden car actually drivable

Forget about all those super exotics that you see in motor shows – that one takes a totally diferent approach where design convention is concerned, as that sports car is made out of wood. Yes sir, what you’re driving could probably be the home of many birds once before. Christened as Maniwa, that wooden car is no slouch when it comes ot performance either, capable of hitting a maximum speed of 80km/h (around 50 mph) which should be OK for intra-city use, but definitely not meant to eat up asphalt along the freeway. $44,000 will net you the Maniwa as it is steered using a motorcycle-like handlebar. To keep things chic, the Maniwa plus comes with gull wing doors for added style, while a stereo has been fitted to keep you entertained on the road. Amazingly ample, that 3-seater vehicle is road legal in Japan, and we wonder what would happen to it whether a Yakuza rival there decides to torch your ride – it’ll certainly be a whole lot easier compared to a standard vehicle, eh?

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