Titanium projector phone

Check out the Titanium projector phone that won’t be coming to a wireless carrier near you, simply considering that is a cheap handset from the many factories in that churns out such phones. Why do we cover it at all soon after? Well, we find it to be rather quirky, where you get an LED […]

Google uncovers Nexus One 3G network problems

It is a well known fact that the Nexus One has difficulty in hooking up to T-Mobile’s 3G network since the superphone’s release, and part of the problem was due to a software error in the Nexus One’s 3G radio. As for the other reason, that is T-Mobile’s fault as the wireless carrier has a […]

Palm Pre Plus spotted

The Palm Pre Plus ought to get you excited whether you’re a Palm enthusiast, as it will not only run on the webOS platform, but has been spotted somewhere in the FCC, where it includes a Palm model number in the Wi-Fi Certification Database known as the Palm P101EWW. In other news, the Palm Pixi […]

WIND offers new phones

There is a new wireless carrier player in town for Canadians, and WIND will be offering the following handsets to the masses in the Great White North – BlackBerry 9700, Samsung Gravity 2, HTC Maple, Huawei U759 and the Huawei E181 documents stick. There is still no specific pricing available for the notes plans, but […]

Beyond the Google Phone hype, it comes down to: be cheap suitable or die

Might not be actual Nexus One phone… You have probably noticed in the past couple of days that the hype surrounding the network-free Google Nexus One phone has nearly reached its climax. I say “almost” considering Google has yet to officially reveal images of the phone that employees describe using words like “iPhone” and “Steroids” in […]

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