Google uncovers Nexus One 3G network problems

It is a well known fact that the Nexus One has difficulty in hooking up to T-Mobile’s 3G network since the superphone’s release, and part of the problem was due to a software error in the Nexus One’s 3G radio. As for the other reason, that is T-Mobile’s fault as the wireless carrier has a […]

Palm Pre Plus spotted

The Palm Pre Plus ought to get you excited whether you’re a Palm enthusiast, as it will not only run on the webOS platform, but has been spotted somewhere in the FCC, where it includes a Palm model number in the Wi-Fi Certification Database known as the Palm P101EWW. In other news, the Palm Pixi […]

WIND offers new phones

There is a new wireless carrier player in town for Canadians, and WIND will be offering the following handsets to the masses in the Great White North – BlackBerry 9700, Samsung Gravity 2, HTC Maple, Huawei U759 and the Huawei E181 documents stick. There is still no specific pricing available for the notes plans, but […]

Beyond the Google Phone hype, it comes down to: be cheap suitable or die

Might not be actual Nexus One phone… You have probably noticed in the past couple of days that the hype surrounding the network-free Google Nexus One phone has nearly reached its climax. I say “almost” considering Google has yet to officially reveal images of the phone that employees describe using words like “iPhone” and “Steroids” in […]

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