Google Nexus One ID Credit Card Case

Have mobile phones become more fundamental than our wallets? whether they haven’t, they’re certainly moving in that direction, and the Case-Mate Google Nexus One ID Credit Card Case serves to remind us of that point. Why use cash when you can use a credit card, right? that case allows you to slip in two credit […]

Pierre Cardin tablet sports detachable keyboard

We thought that Pierre Cardin produced nothing but leather belts, wallets and men’s wear. Guess we are wrong on that count, as word of Pierre Cardin (could it be a different company but one that bears the same name?) gracing CeBIT 2010 with a new tablet which sports a VIA C7-M mobile processor within its […]

Amazon Relents On Macmillan Price Dispute

Are you satisfied with the $9.99 price point of eBooks on Amazon’s Kindle, or do you think that publishers should be allowed to price the books higher? Every consumer wants to get the best deal, us included, unfortunately it seems that Macmillan are in the midst of a little dispute with Amazon at the moment, […]

RED offers new devices

Fans of RED will be pleased to know that the company is rolling out a range of new products comprising of the Ray Pro, Scarlet 2/3″, Redmote Pro, Redcine-X and new lenses – these ought to be more than adequate to keep any fan happy, while bleeding their wallets dry in the process. Are you […]

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