Canon DSLR Attached To RC Helicopter For Aerial Photography

Aerial photography doesn’t have to be an expensive affair, as proven by Eric Austin. What that Texas-based videographer did was hook up his Canon 7D DSLR camera to a custom-built radio controlled helicopter via a tripod screw mount. The aftermath is a cheap way to get some aerial photography, and it can even record videos […]

Gorillapod Focus gets the Ballhead X

Today, Joby is updating its cool Gorillapod Series, the Gorillapod Focus is able to support heavy DSLRs, up to 5 kg. (11.1lbs) and now, with the Ballhead X (able to support 5 kg as well) photographers will be able to pan, tilt and rotate the camera . I can’t wait to get one, now I’ll […]

The Gorillapod becomes Magnetic!

[PMA 2010] We all love the Gorillapod, the small tripod with fun flexible legts that allows photographers to shoot at any angle. Today, Joby released its Gorillapod Magnetic featuring magnetic feet, just in moment for PMA . Specifications: Rubberized ring and foot grips supply additional gripping ability for enhanced stability in difficult terrain and won’t […]

Cruden Hexatech Racing Simulator

We’ve seen many racing simulators in the past, and the Cruden Hexatech has certainly got to be one of the most expensive ones, chalking up a bill of $191,000. For that princely sum, you’ll get a simulator that is completely suspended on a hydraulic tripod, allowing you to simulate F1, NASCAR, WRC and Le Mans […]

Digidude tripod

Are you on the lookout for a tripod after getting your first digital camera? Shooting in low light conditions or without a flash requires extremely steady hands to get a great shot in, but that doesn’t work for most humans which is why you ought to get a tripod just in case. While you’re at […]

Gorillacam Tripod App For Your iPhone

It seems like there is literally a never ending stream of iPhone apps being churned out, and next up is the Gorillacam, an iPhone app which is rather rare, since it’s coming from an accessory maker. It’s free, and will probably be good advertising for the GorillaPod, and fortunately you can use it even whether […]

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