AT&T Palm Pre Plus and 3G MicroCell hits the US that May 16th

AT&T customers will be pleased to know that the Palm Pre Plus and 3G MicroCell will be made available to subscribers from May 16th onwards. Unfortunately, there is no word of a free 3G mobile hotspot capability similar to that offered by Verizon, but on the other hand you can gain free access to AT&T’s […]

FCC Hints That The HTC Legend Is Headed For AT&T

Looks like AT&T subscribers will be able to pick up the HTC Legend sometime in the near future as the FCC has approved of a device that has a high chance of being the HTC Legend. The original HTC Legend sports the ID of PB76100, while that device uses the label PB76110. that device will […]

Vodafone UK Now Offers The HTC HD Mini

Vodafone subscribers looking for another smartphone that isn’t powered by Google’s Android OS should be quite happy to take in that Vodafone UK is now offering the HTC HD Mini which is powered by Windows Mobile 6.5, something that is rarely seen nowadays. You’ll be able to pick up the phone for free whether you […]

McAfee Offers Anti-malware Solution For Android In Korea

Looks like there is some good news for McAfee, despite the recent boo boo, the defense company has announced the availability of its McAfee VirusScan Mobile technology for Google’s Android platform. The strange thing is that it’s currently only available in South Korea for the Motorola XT720 for SK Telecom subscribers. Subscribers are currently able […]

Vodafone 247 Phone Is Solar Powered

Vodafone subscribers might be more worried about the lack of Nexus One units to go around, but whether you’re looking for something special in the bargain bin, it’s certainly worth taking note that the Vodafone 247 has been unveiled as well, hot on the heels of the Vodafone 845. Since the 247 is positioned at […]

webOS Available For Verizon Subscribers

Amidst news of Palm being acquired by HP, it’s easy to miss out the less exciting news related to Palm, but Verizon subscribers should be happy to compose out that the carrier has released webOS According to the changelog on Palm’s site users should be happy to invent out that pinch-to-zoom now works properly […]

Google Nexus One Still On Track For Sprint

You can be certain that some folks were disappointed by the news that Google wouldn’t be offering its Nexus One on Verizon Wireless, not that the Droid Incredible isn’t a worthy alternative, but the good news for Sprint subscribers is that the Nexus One is still on track to be released on the nation’s 2nd […]

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