Android to get Sirius XM app

Android users who used to cast envious glances at iPod touch and iPhone users will be pleased to know that they will be getting the Sirius XM app sometime later that year, and it looks set to be more or less similar to the iPhone OS version, boasting 3G and Wi-Fi streaming support. Strangely suitable, […]

Pantech IMA600S Sirius Snapdragon Phone From Sky

SKY has come up with an Android-powered phone to help Google’s Android OS manufacture more waves by in Korea, the Pantech IM-A600S Sirius, and it should be an interesting phone, considering that it’s powered by Qualcomm’s forceful Snapdragon processor. That being said, do bear in mind that the best hardware in the world would still […]

Rumor: BlackBerry To Get Sirius XM App?

Could it be true? It’s hard to put it as more than a rumor at the moment, but word is that folks who own a Storm 2, Storm, Bold (9000 / 9700), Tour, Curve (8900 / 8520 / 8520) will be getting a Sirius XM app, similar to the iPhone app. There will be a […]

PTB-S1 BK Sirius tablet

Not too many folks use a tablet during their everyday computing experience, but for those who don’t fall under that category, the PTB-S1 BK Sirius tablet might be of interest instead of the usual Wacom products. Featuring a 10″ x 6″ pen area, you will additionally get 1,024 levels of sensitivity, multiple short cut keys, […]

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