Palm Pre Plus for AT&T said to be faster than Verizon’s

It seems that AT&T’s Palm Pre Plus is touted to be faster than the one offered by Verizon, and before all you AT&T fans go out and celebrate, bear in mind that many factors could contribute to that obvious speed increase – it runs on webOS 1.4.2 and does not come preloaded with much details […]

SanDisk ships Xbox 360 USB Flash Drive

SanDisk has finally shipped its Xbox 360 USB Flash Drive for the Xbox 360 console, letting ordinary folks like you and I save games, download subject matter as well as access multimedia files without the need for a hard drive. that is pretty much a purchase for folks who want convenience right out of a […]

Jumper JK01-TT Tablet Can operate As A Desktop

Looking for a tablet that you can bring around with you, but double up as a desktop when you’re back home? The Jumper JK01-TT might be what you’ve been looking for as it’s powered by Windows 7 and ships with a wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and a stand, allowing you to use that just like […]

Black Nintendo Wii Ships on May 9th (in the U.S)

Last week’s chatter about the imminent release of the black Nintendo Wii was spot on. The $199.99 price has been announced by resellers and has since been confirmed by Nintendo. The Black Wii will come with Wii Sports Resort and a Wii MotionPlus accessory (for games like archery) – that is like a 20% accessory […]

Alienware M17x Now Ships With Dual 1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 GPUs

While you might have seen notebooks that sport a pair of GPUs before, it’s not often you see one that offers a pair of ATI’s Mobility Radeon HD 5870 graphic chips. Now the Alienware M17x gaming notebook that offers such a configuration has begun to ship. whether you’ve received your shipping notification of that notebook, […]

Evolution Robotics Mint robotic vacuum ships that summer

Fancy the Mint robotic vacuum cleaner that we caught sight of at CES 2010 earlier that year? You might be interested to know that that square motorized home appliance is now available for pre-order from Evolution Robotics. It comes with a NorthStar positioning technology which allows it to clean all spots in your home, as […]

Paradigm Shift EER-051D ebook reader

Another day, another ebook reader – that date round with Paradigm Shift offering their EER-051D model. Why must they come up with such a convoluted model name is anyone’s guess, but we would definitely prefer something that is a whole lot easier to roll off the tongue. That aside, the EER-051D ships with a 5″ […]

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