iPad Camera Connection Kit Is Able To Support USB Audio And Keyboards

It was previously speculated that Apple’s iPad would be able to support USB audio and perhaps some other devices via the USB port granted by the iPad Camera Connection Kit. But now tests have shown that it can work with many USB headphones and microphones, allowing users to construct and receipt VoIP calls with a […]

Flip Slide HD Sold Early By Best Buy

Details of Cisco’s Flip Slide HD camcorder have been surfacing incessantly by the past few days, so when a picture of the device actually appears, it really doesn’t seem to surprise us. Apparently a California Best Buy store has already sold the device for $279, and the owner has taken pictures of the device and […]

iCharge And Square Both Vying For Your Credit Card

You might have heard of Square, which is a prototype payment device that plugs into your iPhone’s headphone jack, allowing it to be turned into a credit card terminal. Now it seems that Square is going to have some competition on its hands from the Berlin and London-based iCharge. On paper, they seem to operate […]

Self-auctioning box

Never mind about self-aware robots – here is a cube that puts itself on auction perpetually as enlarged as it is connected to the Web thanks to a intelligent combination of custom programming and hardware. Every ten minutes that passes by will see that black box ping a server by the World Wide Web through […]

Video Of Square For Your iPhone In Action

By now you’ve probably read an commentary about Square, which is a prototype payment device that plugs directly into the iPhone’s headphone jack. One of the reason’s that device is rather high profile at the moment is plus due to the fact that the brains behind it is Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of Twitter. whether […]

Square iPod Payment System

We gave you a little view on Square a while back, but in case you forgot, it’s a device that can plug into the headphone jack of your iPod touch or iPhone, and you’ll be able to swipe your credit (or debit) card to purchase goods from businesses. Instead of the boring old pen, you […]

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