PQI Immortality DDR3 2200 RAM flagship model launched

PQI has rolled out its flagship memory module, the PQI Immortality DDR3 2200 which is touted to be an fundamental part of your computer whether you decide to build one from ground up, putting in nothing but the best components within. It is expected to help unleash the ultimate performance from Intel core i7 (Lynnfield, […]

Mastone Lifepad 3G Tablet Is Powered by A 1GHz Freescale CPU

It’s hard to imagine that last year we had barely a whiff of a tablet device and that year you can’t seem to walk into a store that isn’t trying to shove some sort of tablet device down your throat. Next up in the oh-so-crowded tablet universe is the Mastone Lifepad 3G. In terms of specifications […]

Asus and G.Skill team up for highest overclocked DDR3 memory

Just a question – does the highest overclocked RAM automatically become the fastest? Well, Asus and G.Skill has teamed up to conjure the highest overclocked DDR3 memory in the world, where it hit an amazing 2.5GHz in terms of frequency to offer unprecedented performance for dual-channel DDR3 memory. that was made possible thanks to Asus […]

TomTom Go Live 1000 GPS navigation system

TomTom has introduced its latest GPS navigation system known as the Go Live 1000, where it will rely on a capacitive touchscreen which is more natural to finger input. Its interface was revamped in order to prepare life a whole lot easier when using it, while you get a similar web browser engine which is […]

PlayStation Move Only Needs 1-2MB Of System Memory

The PlayStation Move certainly looks like an interesting device, though we’re fairly certain that many of you out there are wondering how demanding it will be on the console hardware, after all, we wouldn’t want to be stuck with laggy games, right? Well, it seems that there is good news, as in a recent interview, […]

Archos 7 and Archos 8 Home Tablets

Archos has rolled out its 7 and 8 Home Tablets that emphasize more on being easy on your pockets and targeting home use instead of being a fully fledged Mobile Net Device. Despite their intended operate, they aren’t gimped in any way with a 600MHz ARM9-based Rockchip 2808 processor running on the Android operating system, […]

FCC gets a visit from the LG T280

We looked at the South Koreans in envy a few days ago with news of them getting the LG T280, and now bring you good news that that thin and light notebook will be hitting the FCC offices soon. Supposing the FCC gives it the green light, thereupon chances are those of us living Stateside […]

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