Cyclone ability Complete The Cyclone Mark V Engine For EATR

You might be thinking that EATR (Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot) is just another concept robot that uses biomass to refuel itself. It seems that that robot, which folks speculate could possibly feed itself using us as food, has now moved one step closer to reality, as Cyclone capability has come up with the Cyclone Mark […]

Robot dance contest even worse than it sounds.

A robot dance contest sounds poor adequate. But whose notion was it to put a schoolgirl uniform, rubber face mask and wig on a dancing robot? that will haunt your nightmares. (Props) Orginal post by Mike

Creative ZEN X-Fi2 firmware 1.10.04

The Creative ZEN X-Fi2 has received a new firmware update in the scheme of version 1.10.04, where you get a much improved user interface which helps banish nightmares of its touchscreen experience prior to that. Apart from that, other improvements include a new color UI, better responsiveness, accelerometer support and the inclusion of a popular […]

Virtual Butler mirror

Remember the first duration you watch Disney’s Snow White? I just loved the way the magic mirror effects were done up, and all through traditional animation methods to boot. The Virtual Butler mirror brings back memories of yore, where it functions like a real mirror although can be connected to a variety of spots around […]

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