Samsung E65 eBook certified by Wi-Fi Alliance

The Wi-Fi Alliance has certified the Samsung E65, where that device is not a cellphone but actually an ebook reader, making it the successor to Samsung’s first E60 ebook reader, albeit sporting a full QWERTY keyboard instead of the sliding anatomy factor. You get a 6″ e-ink display that boasts support for an electromagnetic resonance […]

Philips Xenium X312 stays alive for long

Philips is well known for its range of Xenium handsets, and the latest one would be the Xenium X312 which will sport a forceful battery that offers up to a month’s worth of standby moment. Sounds delicious, no? Well, that is just in theory since we all know that nobody has a phone that doesn’t […]

MCNEX MCH 1000 video door phone

Forget about the regular fish eye lens at your door which allows you to peer through, checking out whether the pizza delivery boy is cute abundant to invite in for a longer than normal chat. Enter the MCNEX MCH 1000 video door phone to keep up with the times, where that 2-channel DVR camera comes […]

iRiver Story expect to hit in Q1 2010

iRiver’s booth is definitely worth checking out at CES 2010, considering the fact that their Story e-reader device is tipped to be released Stateside sometime in Q1 next year. Those living overseas will have to pre-order theirs since the initial 2,000 stock sold out within a couple of days though, so firm luck on that. […]

FCC approves ZTE X990

The ZTE X990 is another smartphone that clearly blurs the boundaries within a Palm handset and that of a BlackBerry, no thanks to it retaining the shape of the latter while featuring a QWERTY keypad that was commonly found on older Treo Pro and Centro smartphones from the former. What about the specifications, you ask? […]

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