Motorola Milestone Gets The Android 2.1 Update In the UK

Android 2.1 has been rolling out to Motorola’s Milestone bit by bit and now Google’s latest version of its Android mobile OS has been released for Motorola Milestone owners in the UK. The announcement was made through Motorola’s Facebook page, and it’s already up for download on the official site. So what are you waiting […]

Android-powered Sagem Puma Phone 2 Slated For 2011

Looks like Sagem wants in on the Android game too, as the French phone company has mentioned that they’re considering an entry-level version of their sports/lifestyle themed device that will be powered by Google’s Android OS. that news comes just after the pre-launch event last night for the Sagem Puma phone. The upcoming phone will […]

MeeGo for netbooks and handhelds now available

Mobile computing seems to be the marketing mantra for many a hardware company these days, and competition is stiff. Well, MeeGo, which is basically a fusion of Maemo and Moblin, is a new operating system that is available for both netbooks as well as other handheld computing devices. There are three builds available, supporting Intel […]

Samsung Confirms WP7 Device Was Omnia HD, But OS Upgrades Aren’t Confirmed

Do you remember the Windows Phone 7 Series device that was shown off at Mix 2010 by Microsoft? Well, it turns out that initial suspicions were true, and the device is really an Omnia HD, albeit slightly modified. The phone was apparently upgraded to a multi-touch WVGA display with a 1GHz chip powering it for […]

Leaked Pictures Of The Microsoft Project Pink Phone

The rumors of a “Microsoft Phone” have been going around for so enlarged, it felt like a rumor that would never die, but now it seems that live pictures of such a phone (from Microsoft’s Project Pink) have surfaced, and it’s apparently the Sidekick-like Pure that was mentioned sometime back. According to the leak, the […]

Ubergizmo’s MWC Best of Show: Windows Phone 7

MWC 2010 has viewed the comeback of Microsoft into the mobile OS race – at least in terms of hype and mindshare (we’ll have to try the final product!). Just recently, Windows Mobile was considered by many as “lost” or “dead”, but Microsoft’s demo in Barcelona was convincing and quite effective in turning the tide […]

Windows Phone 7 Series

Microsoft just launched its Windows Phone 7 Series, a new version of its mobile OS that features a completely new user interface, based on the lessons learned with the Zune HD. By the way, that might be the greatest contribution of the Zune HD to the world… So how is Windows Phone 7 and should […]

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