VIA VIPRO fanless touch screen panel PCs

The new VIA VIPRO range of fanless touch screen panel PCs are equipped with a 6.5″ VIA VIPRO VP7806, and whether your eyes can’t take in anything that small, there is always the 15″ VIA VIPRO VP7815. Made using the flexible and modular Em-ITX style factor, these new VIA VIPRO panel PCs could very well […]

FCC approves Nokia N8

While initial impressions of the Nokia N8 doesn’t seem to be too impressive, that has not stopped Nokia from gaining FCC approval. The AWS 3G version of the Nokia N8 is additionally known by its internal cipher, RM-596, and will be made available via T-Mobile as suspected. Anyone can’t wait for a 12-megapixel shooter on […]

Early Reports On Nokia N8 Aren’t Positive

If you’re one of those folks who are really looking forward to the upcoming Nokia N8, which is still unannounced at that point in date, you might be a little disappointed. Eldar Murtazin, the person behind Mobile-Review, has managed to get his hands on a unit of the Nokia N8, and based on his feedback […]

No HTC Droid Incredible for the UK

Folks living in the UK will not be able to get their hands on an official HTC Droid Incredible, according to HTC’s Twitter explanation which mentioned that “there is currently no plan for Incredible to go to the UK” – will that translate to the same for other European countries? Possibly, but until something concrete […]

Pentax Offers New Colors For Its K-x DSLR In The US

Pentax is no stranger to offering multicolored DSLR cameras, but they’re generally available outside of the US. Now Pentax will be offering several new colors for its K-x DSLR camera. The camera, which is currently available in black or red, will be joined by bright colors such as green, blue, orange and purple. Regardless of […]

HDTV-T900 HD Camcorder Is Solar-powered

Sure there are plenty of HD camcorders in the market, but how many of them are solar-powered? The HDTV-T900 from Shenzhen Jetyo is one such camcorder, featuring a pair of solar cells; it’s able to juice itself up thanks to the sun. Aside from the solar charging, the HDTV-T900 is able to take 12-megapixel still […]

LG Joypop Is The Company’s First Fixed Mobile Convergence Phone

While it’s not very common, but LG has just launched its first FMC (Fixed-Mobile Convergence) mobile phone, the LG Joypop KH3900. In case you’re wondering, FMC phones are able to invent and receive calls from both cellular networks and fixed networks. Aside from that, the Joypop additionally comes equipped with Wi-Fi, allowing VoIP to be […]

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