DIY Wikipedia reader

Love all things Wikipedia, knowing that you can while your day away on it without realizing so? Well, whether you happen to have the duration as well as the technical proficiency, why not invent your own Wikipedia reader to feed your knowledge addiction? that device uses an NXP ARM Cortex M0 model LCP1114 microcontroller to […]

Home protection issues – any safety measure system is better than none

Over the years we’ve seen a lot of gadgets. Some of them we liked and some we didn’t. None the less, user aiding technology advice motto we have on our blog results in the fact that most of our posts are about gadgets that citizens actually buy. So we thought we should prepare a better […]

Umbrella Bagger keeps things clean and dry

Check out that Umbrella Bagger machine which hails from nowhere else but Japan – it does away with the need to ready a faraway plastic bag at the entrance of your establishment whenever it pours, as all your customer needs to do is slide the umbrella within and a bag will be slipped on automatically. […]

Pantech Check Mate IM-S610K Released In Korea

While technical details aren’t available at the moment, but whether you happen to be in South Korea shopping for a new fancy phone, it’s worth noting that Pantech has a new phone for said market, the Check Mate IM-S610K. It doesn’t seem to offer much in terms of smartphone features, but whether you’re looking for […]

More+ Bus Handle Helps To Generate Energy

It’s amazing how much energy we’re wasting every day, but every now and thereupon some concept design shows up to remind us that such energy can be captured, and the More+ Bus Handle is one such design. Instead of letting us waste of that energy when we’re holding the handle on the bus and bouncing […]

Leitfaden Sewing Machine Prints The Color Of Your Choice

Lazy to look for the right colored thread to complete your sewing job? whether the Leitfaden sewing machine concept ever becomes a reality, finding the right color while sewing would probably become a lot easier. It looks like it was sent back from the future via a instance machine, and it uses ink cartridges to […]

Diotek offers DioMemo for Android

Diotek has rolled out DioMemo for Android, a new application which will take down notes on your behalf while maintaining memos. Thanks to its advanced handwriting recognition feature, it is able to convert all your handwritten notes to text without lost a beat. Apart from that, it will additionally do a great job in correcting […]

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