Volkswagen bik.e jumps aboard the electrical revolution

The Volkswagen bik.e is now part of the electrical vehicle revolution, where it represents a tiny bicycle sans pedals since you rely on its internal battery to get you moving. When not in use, it will fold down quickly into a flat disc which will fit into the spare tire compartment that is located at […]

TRENDnet announces TEW-655BR3G router

TRENDnet has a spanking new router for the masses – the TEW-655BR3G which will come with a built-in USB port which enables you to hook up a 3G or 3.5G wireless USB modem from the following carriers – Sprint, AT&T or Verizon. that broadband connection can be shared with different computers of varying speeds of […]

Geely Gleagle IG electric vehicle comes with solar panel

We know that electric vehicles (EVs) are the way forward as the automotive industry wants to wean folks off gas, but that is still a expanded way in coming before EVs become mainstream and affordable decent for the average Joe on the street. Geely recently unveiled its Gleagle IG that comes with a solar panel […]

New 15-inch MacBook Pro i5 Disassembled

Curious what’s going on inside your shiny new MacBook Pro 15, but don’t have to the guts to take it apart just to satisfy your curiosity? The helpful folks by at iFixit have done all the dirty work for you (as usual). The good news for folks who aren’t happy about the MacBook having an […]

Stickpin-Iron Concept

Need to sort out those creases on your tie just before your big presentation? Most society wouldn’t carry an iron around with them, but with the Stickpin-Iron, you just might, considering how portable it is. It’s a battery operated mini clip-on iron that can be used to hold your tie in place. To iron your […]

RCA AirPower charger

Imagine your portable device being powered all the moment wherever you bring it, without the need for wires? That is RCA’s dream, with their AirPower chargers which were designed to soak up residual ability from any available Wi-Fi signal in order to juice up its internal battery. When fully charged (that would take up to […]

All-electric Taurus concept

Designer Erik Lanuza has come up with the all-electric Taurus concept which functions as a compact, urban-targeted saddle-ridden vehicle which balances on a couple of wheels. Basically, it is a whole lot less nerdy than a Segway, and you drive it by leaning forwards or backwards in order to control the speed. It will be […]

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