FCC approves Nokia N8

While initial impressions of the Nokia N8 doesn’t seem to be too impressive, that has not stopped Nokia from gaining FCC approval. The AWS 3G version of the Nokia N8 is additionally known by its internal cipher, RM-596, and will be made available via T-Mobile as suspected. Anyone can’t wait for a 12-megapixel shooter on […]

Data Robotics Drobo FS announced

Data Robotics has just announced its latest Drobo FS Network Attached Storage (NAS) device that will come with all the advantages of the notes Robotics BeyondRAID technology, alongside a drop-dead simple setup. Initial impressions of the device have been favorable, with a user claiming that setting up the device is a snap – all you […]

Pantech Pursuit announced at CTIA

CTIA is the venue where Pantech announced their latest smartphone known as the Pursuit. The handset might be on display there for journalists to have a peek at, but strangely decent there is a no-photo policy enforced. Initial impressions could prove to be favorable, since the Pursuit comes with a 2.8″ touchscreen display to keep […]

JooJoo tablet starts to ship

At last, the JooJoo tablet has started to ship, which means folks who placed a pre-order earlier will be able to pick that up from March 29th onwards, while others who have finally made up their minds after reading soon-to-come reviews will be more than happy to drop $499 for that. whether you happened to […]

T-Mobile webConnect Rocket USB modem

T-Mobile’s webConnect Rocket USB modem seems to be right on the money where its release term is concerned, although it would be extremely advisable to be in Philadelphia whether you want to enjoy HSPA+ speeds. March 14 looks like a solid release moment, where that $99 device with a two-year contract will cost you $50 […]

Dell Mini 5 shown by Michael Dell

Dell’s upcoming Mini 5 was recently shown off by Michael Dell himself, where that 5″ MID (Mobile Net Device) looks set to be a winner whether it competes in a beauty pageant. Initial impressions have garnered some positive responses, touting a high level of responsiveness which is impressive considering that device, in all probability, isn’t […]

Fujitsu FLEPia spotted at CES

[CES 2010] We spotted the Fujitsu FLEPia at CES a few days ago, and unfortunately for those of us living Stateside, it won’t be making its way here anytime soon despite being available in Japan already. Initial impressions did seem pretty promising, where it runs on Windows CE and features a relatively much faster scrolling […]

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