Biomechanical arm makes for creepy mic stand

Here’s a new microphone stand that ought to send shivers down your spine – it features a biomechanical hand using everyday objects and stainless steel rods, and thanks to the imagination and handiwork of artist Chris Conte, that gleaming, sci-fi–looking mike holder looks like something from the morbid future, as though it was a trophy […]

DIY case mod looks really cool

When you first lay your eyes on that, chances are you will think that that is some sort of HTPC or small mold factor machine from a computer manufacturer. You will be pleasantly surprise to find out that that is the brainchild and handiwork of Andrew Macdonald, who came up with the case mod with […]

Wacom tablet turns into Cintiq clone

Interesting – Lesa Wright has begun to sell enclosure kits which can turn a regular Wacom tabet into a Cintiq clone, and there are kits for a quartet of different models. The kit alone is not complete since you will need to pick up additional parts including a compatible notebook LCD display, a controller kit […]

Ubuntu turned into Windows XP

Chinese hackers have managed to perform a travesty – that is, turning the Ubuntu platform to resemble Windows XP in terms of its visual interface. Pretty neat, considering Microsoft is busy tracking down and closing in on all pirated versions of Windows XP, so why not turn Ubuntu to look like XP instead? Unfortunately, the […]

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