Taito R2-D2 vacuum cleaner

Taito has unveiled a new desktop toy for grown up geeks – the R2-D2 vacuum cleaner. that little droid that could now picks up leftover crumbs from all your snacking done at the work table, and is USB powered so you won’t need to anguish about purchasing a new set of batteries after a few […]

Asus P7F7-E WS SuperComputer motherboard

Asus’ latest P7F7-E WS SuperComputer motherboard ought to get all of you geeks out there salivating – after all, it does maximize transmission speeds by integrating the industry’s latest I/O technologies including USB 3.0, SATA 6G storage interface and the IEEE 1394b FireWire standard. Apart from that, you will plus benefit from the LGA1156 socket […]

Thermos comes in Canon zoom lens shape

From afar, chances are you will be fooled into thinking that that thermos is actually a real Canon 70-200mm L-series lens, where the Japanese company was giving it out for free at the Olympic Press Center. None of them are on eBay at point of publishing, although we’re not too certain whether it will remain […]

Skooba Cable Stable DLX – Organizer for Geeks on The Go

Last week, Skooba introduced its new cable/accessory organizer, the Cable Stable DLX, and a new collection of protective wraps, the SkoobaWraps. Skooba new product line appeals particularly to the nomadic geeks that we are, who travel around the world from a tech conference to another, carrying tons of gadgets essential to produce the best live […]

Locked ON Proximity Sensing Shirt

The folks at ThinkGeek have done it again, offering a rather zany piece of clotheswear that ought to keep geeks in love happy. After all, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, surely the Locked ON Proximity Sensing Shirt should invent for an appropriate gift? Retailing for $19.99 each, that animated T-Shirt is capable of […]

FCC shows off Que reader innards

The folks at the FCC has stripped Plastic Logic’s Que proReader down to its bare essentials, allowing you to take a look at what has been included inside. Guess that is a techno version of the famous “Bodies” exhibition, except that the Que proReader is not guilty of any crime, except perhaps that of sowing […]

Fibonacci Gaming Purse

Seems that any decent device these days need to come with some sort of gaming capability, regardless of how primitive the device is. Well, the Fibonacci Gaming Purse certainly brings a sense of adventure to your mundane life as it turns your bag into a physical display whenever you want to engage yourself in an […]

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