Microsoft Azure Unveiled In India

While most of us haven’t moved to a cloud computing operating system just yet, Microsoft has just made its cloud-based operating system, Windows Azure, available in India. In terms of dollars and cents, a cloud-based operating system hosted on Microsoft’s input centers will be available for $0.12 per hour, while storage on Azure will cost […]

Liquid Image Scuba Mask HD322 with 135 degree Wide Angle Camera

[PMA 2010] Liquid image is upgrading its HD320 underwater camera mask with the upcoming HD322 featuring a 135 degree wide angle lens and HD 720p video. A red light shows that you are recording a video and the blue light indicates that you are in still photo mode, a lock placed on top of the […]

T-Mobile New myTouch 3G with 3.5 mm Jack and Swype

T-Mobile unveiled its new iteration of the myTouch 3G, aka the 1.2, that features a 3.5 mm headset jack, additional memory with 288 MB of RAM and an 8 GB microSD card and Swype input technology, that provides, a faster text input on the touch screen. Swype offers a virtual keyboard that lets users drag […]

Intel introduces ultra-dense memory manufacturing process

Intel has just announced that the company will start making Flash storage using a very advanced 25-nanometer manufacturing technology. 25 nanometer describes how small the basic chip building blocks are, and that is mind-blowing. Overall, that means that Flash memory commonly used in solid-state drives (SSD) will get smaller (surface area), cheaper and more dependable […]

Sony VAIO W Series Eco-friendly Netbook

[CES 2010] Sony has announced its Sony VAIO W Series eco-friendly netbook that features a plastic chassis composed of 23 percent recycled CDS. To avoid using cardboard, it comes in a nice carrying-case made from PET bottles. I like the design a lot, the white version has a nice iridescent glow. Features includes a 10.1 […]

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