DIY Projector Hacked Together

Can’t afford to buy a new projector? Well, whether you’re handy adequate with some tools, and most importantly – duct tape, you can probably cobble a projector of your very own together. whether you don’t believe it can be done, check out the video after the jump. It’s made from a 12v LED array, a […]

Ballbot Shrunk To Desktop Size

Do you remember the original Ballbot that we covered some date back? whether that was too large for you, and you want something that can perform its balancing act on your desktop, check out the Desktop Ballbot, which is a smaller version of the Ballbot, but can still perform its impressive feat of moving around […]

Update Your Facebook Status Via Yahoo Mail

Yahoo seems to be getting more interested in Facebook, as the search company has now introduced two new features on Yahoo Mail that are related to Facebook. The first is that you’ll now be able to update your status via your Yahoo inbox. Aside from that, when you receive an e mail from someone who […]

Smish To Offer Apps For Your Computer

With application stores for the iPhone, Android and upcoming Windows Phone 7 Series set to take by the app delivery on the mobile scene, will we start getting such services on the desktop? While it’s not entirely an app store for your desktop, Smish certainly tries to come close to that. It offers apps for […]

A Whole Bunch Of New Asus Notebooks Detailed

The folks by at the Notebook Review forums have managed to dig up details on a whole bunch of new Asus notebooks, apparently from a magazine’s PDF file. We’re not quite certain where to start, but whether you’re in the mood for window-shopping for a new notebook, you can check out the whole list. whether […]

File Transfer Now Available In iGoogle And Orkut Chat

Have you ever needed to quickly send a file to a friend who you’re chatting with online, but didn’t want to send an newsletter? Google is now offering such a facility for folks while chatting in iGoogle or orkut. Now it doesn’t matter whether the person you’re chatting with is using the web interface, or […]

LinkedIn Now Available For BlackBerry

Considering that BlackBerry phones are generally viewed as business devices, it’s actually a little surprising to see that the iPhone LinkedIn app has been around for a good 18 months and there wasn’t a LinkedIn BlackBerry app in sight. Now that is set to change as LinkedIn has just released a free dedicated BlackBerry app. […]

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