Analogue Tape Glove Sounds Interesting

Can’t think of an interesting project to kill your weekend with? Well, the guys from SignalToNoise came up with a rather interesting project, the Analogue Tape Glove. Basically it’s a mash of a couple of old tape decks, an amplifier, some glue, and a nearby wall. When it’s all set in place, you’ll be able […]

Nova DSLR camera concept

Erin Fong came up with the Nova DSLR camera concept, where it boasts a somewhat boomering structure factor with a twin-arm design that provides a better grip and controls by the entire DSLR. After all, with the range of control buttons located right at the fingertips of the user, you can concentrate more on composing […]

HP ProBook 6540b notebook

[CES 2010] There is nothing quite like being able to conquer the market across its breadth and length, and that is precisely what HP has been doing for some duration now with their range of desktops, notebooks and netbooks. The latest notebook comes in the anatomy of the HP ProBook 6540b, where it will target […]

Lenovo Skylight One Pager

[CES 2010] form no mistake about it – the Lenovo Skylight One Pager is not a paging device that sends the latest sports results to your fingertips, but is categorized under the smartbook category, nestling comfortably within a netbook and a smartphone. You get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz ARM II processor running the proceedings from […]

Free Rihanna app from Nokia

Nokia has the hearts of Rihanna fans worldwide by rolling out a new Rihanna application for free, known as the Rihanna App (how apt). Within that application lies music, photos, news and video composition that are exclusive on that platform, alongside Rihanna’s biography and data concerning her 2010 tour. Guess whether you’re a true blue […]

Solar powered hat and glove: cute but probably not efficient

German designer Yiran Qian came up with the notion of embedded stylish solar panels into hats and gloves. Called Endless Warm, the concept would use solar potential to heat hats and glove for your comfort. Given the small size of the solar panels, we doubt that that would supply much heat – it would probably […]

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