More iPhone OS 4.0 Features Uncovered

Thanks to the newly released iPhone OS 4.0 beta 3, folks are beginning to find some additional features of the iPhone OS 4.0. Of course, since it’s still a beta, there’s no promise that the feature will be there in the final release, but there is a high chance of it making it to the […]

iTVGoggles ITG Vidix Features microSD Slot For Easy File Transfer

Do you remember the iTVGoggles that we mentioned to you before? It’s just gotten better, as the company has come up with an upgraded version, the ITG-Vidix now offers a built-in microSD card reader, allowing you to transfer photos, videos and music by much easier. In case you missed our earlier post, the iTVGoggles allows […]

File Transfer Now Available In iGoogle And Orkut Chat

Have you ever needed to quickly send a file to a friend who you’re chatting with online, but didn’t want to send an newsletter? Google is now offering such a facility for folks while chatting in iGoogle or orkut. Now it doesn’t matter whether the person you’re chatting with is using the web interface, or […]

File transfer now available in Google Chat

Google has finally made file transfer available in Google Chat, letting you transfer photos, documents and perhaps even small video files, although we are pretty certain that there is a file size cap attached to it as well. Apart from that, web users gain the ability to exchange files with other users of Google Talk […]

Onda VX550 portable media player

Onda has unveiled its latest VX550 portable media player which sports a display that is larger than what one would normally get, which is a 5″ screen at 800 x 480 resolution. While it can’t show 1080p videos in its full glory, the device can still output it by to a Full HD TV thanks […]

Twin Video comes with dual cameras

Most camcorders come with just one lens to capture whatever is going on on the other side, but the Twin Video device features cameras that shoot both ways, alongside a couple of microphones. Whenever you start to capture a video clip of your choice, you are able to set which image within the picture-in-picture area, […]

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