Hitachi has a quartet of new projectors

Hitachi has four more projectors that are ready to hit the market, with the CP-X3011N, CP-X4011N, CP-2511N and CP-X2011N all being prepped for a general release. You will find it rather surprising that Hitachi uses the same design, features and connectivity options on all four – what is that, a case of quadtuplets? Of course, […]

Invisible dress could be the future

Check out what a budding team of students at the Shih-Chien University in Taiwan, have come up with – an invisible dress. The dress itself is made of a fully textile-based dispaly, where the back of it will hold an integrated camera. Whenever the camera is activated, it will check out just what’s happening at […]

DreamVision Starlight home theater projectors

DreamVision has announced three more home theater projectors that come in the style of the Starlight1, Starlight2 and Starlight3. All three of them will sport LCoS display technology and full HD (1,920 x 1,080) resolution, ensuring you get to enjoy your movies in the highest possible detail right in the comfort of your living room. […]

Electrowetting Color eReader Display Is Capable Of Supporting Video

A Dutch company called Liquavista has come up with a new display that seems to be able to offer the benefits of LCD displays and e-ink displays lumped together. It achieves such benefits due to a process called electrowetting, which involves small electrical charges moving colored oil within each pixel. With that in play, the […]

Rumor: New iPad To Use OLED Display Technology

This is still very much a rumor, but according to Digitimes, Apple has already started development on its second generation iPad, and whether the rumors are true, Apple will be using an OLED display in the future, which is plus said to be the same tech used for the upcoming iPhone 4G. Currently the cost […]

HP Designs Flexible, Solar-powered Wrist Display

Soldiers in the future should be getting more and more tech to carry around, and HP is working on some rather cool display technologies to help them. What HP is working on is a prototype of a solar-powered lightweight computer display that is flexible abundant to be wrapped around a soldier’s wrist. The display is […]

Sharp Announces World’s First Four-Primary-Color 3D LCD Display

With 3D technology doing its best to build its way into our homes, Sharp has given it a little nudge along by announcing the world’s first four-primary-color 3D LCD display, featuring the industry’s highest brightness with low crosstalk (ghost images). The display from Sharp still requires us to wear active shutter 3D glasses, but it […]

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