Mastone Lifepad 3G Tablet Is Powered by A 1GHz Freescale CPU

It’s hard to imagine that last year we had barely a whiff of a tablet device and that year you can’t seem to walk into a store that isn’t trying to shove some sort of tablet device down your throat. Next up in the oh-so-crowded tablet universe is the Mastone Lifepad 3G. In terms of specifications […]

Gateway NV Series In Japan Is Powered By Core i3 And i5 Processors

Gateway will have a couple of new notebooks for sale in Japan (this Friday, April 23rd, to be specific), which are the NV59C-H34E and the NV59C-H54E. The main difference within these two models is that the former is offered in silver or blue, and sports a Core i3-330M CPU clocked at 2.13GHz while the latter […]

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 arrives in candidate phase

Adobe Flash Player 10.1 is now available in candidate phase for Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris platforms. Basically, that means that it is the full version of Flash Player 10.1 unless there are some major boo boos that have gone unnoticed until now. Owners of low-powered computing devices will endear themselves to Flash Player 10.1 […]

Origin PC Genesis gets new NVIDIA cards

Folks who are contemplating on bringing home an Origin PC Genesis machine might want to consider throwing in the recently introduced NVIDIA cards – we’re talking about the GTX 470 and GTX 480 here. Heck, whether your bank explanation allows for it, why not purchase those in without, dual or triple SLI configurations? While you’re […]

HP Slate To Be Launched In Europe In June For €400?

While there hasn’t been any official price or release term for the HP Slate in the U.S. just yet, news is already out that the device could be launched in June, and be ready for sale in Europe by September. Based on the info we dug up, the device will be going for around €400 […]

General Mobile Cosmos 3G Up For Pre-order At $299

You’ve probably read about General Motors’ Android-powered Cosmos 3G cell phone, and now it seems that the phone is already up for pre-order at BenBazaar. Seeing that the features of the Cosmos 3G aren’t all that poor, it’ll be interesting to see how well users take to that phone. It should be available in the […]

Pictures And Video Of HTC Incredible

Pictures of the upcoming Verizon HTC Incredible have started to surface online, not to mention a video of it in action. Based on the latest intel, the Incredible will sport a Snapdragon CPU, 256MB of RAM, a 3.5 (or 3.7) inch WVGA display. There is a possibility that it might sport an AMOLED display too. […]

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