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[6 May 2010 | Comments Off on The iPhone 4G Could Support 720p HD Video Recording | ]

While there’s no official indication whether the next iPhone would be called the iPhone HD or iPhone 4, we are really looking forward to seeing it support HD video recording, and we might actually be granted our wish. A few lines of cipher in the latest iPhone SDK have hinted that 720p video recording might be on the cards. Of course, just considering there are hints of it in the cipher doesn’t mean that the next iPhone will offer it, but there seems to be a higher possibility now. The …

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[30 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on Patriot Xporter USB Flash drive ships with game | ]

Fancy picking up a USB flash drive with a game bundled as well? That’s what Patriot Memory is offering with their Patriot Xporter USB flash drive that has a preloaded copy of the zero gravity first-person shooter known as Shattered Horizon. that bundle will be accompanied by a Steam download cipher that allows users to download and install the game, taking the jump into the action in a jiffy. You will be able to choose from 8GB and 16GB USB flash drives initially, although future Patriot products will plus include …

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[30 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on HP App Download Store | ]

Turns out that everybody wants to emulate Apple with its App Store success and next up HP has announced the launch of its HP Download Store which aims to produce things easier for netbook users without a CD-ROM drive, though it’ll work fine for your incredibly-specced gaming desktop as well. The store offers a place for users to buy software online, and while it might be a tad more expensive that other places, the apps are re-downloadable for up to two years, which makes it seem like a better deal. …

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[29 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on Kingston DataTraveler 5000 USB Flash Drive Hits Europe | ]

Folks by in Europe looking for a secure USB flash drive will be happy to know that the DataTraveler 5000 USB Flash Drive from Kingston is now available in Europe. We previously told you that that drive is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certified with Level 3 pending, and offers built-in 256-bit AES hardware encryption for another layer of protection. To further enhance the defense of your input, the drive uses both XTS cipher mode and elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) algorithms that so that it meets Suite B standards approved by …

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[27 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on SMS to unlock in-game weapon for Splinter Cell Conviction | ]

Ubisoft has whipped up even more attention for its Splinter Cell Conviction game by unveiling a text messaging campaign that offers rewards to mobile marketing subscribers via a special in-game weapon. Relying on Twitter, Facebook and e-mail lists to get word of the campaign out, you will be able to get hold of that special strange weapon by texting “WEAPON” to 44144*, where you will soon after receive a cipher in return to unlock the item in the game. A similar tactic will be employed in the upcoming Prince of …

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[27 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on EasyPeasy 1.6 Release Candidate unveiled | ]

The EasyPeasy 1.6 Release Candidate has just rolled out, where it was built upon Linux-inspired Lucid Lynx cipher, and you can expect EasyPeasy to ship with a number of optimizations which enables it to run on Asus Eee PC netbooks alongside other Intel Atom-powered netbooks. Version 1.6 will see an entirely new boot system alongside boot up artwork, working at a faster pace than before alongside integration with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. You might notice that its revamped user interface is based on the latest version of …

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[27 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on Thunderst0rm iPhone Jailbreak Confirmed As A Fake | ]

Looks like it pays to be suspicious sometimes, as the Thunderst0rm jailbreak that claimed to be able to jailbreak the iPhone OS 3.1.3 has turned out to be a fake. The file size is due to a bunch of unnecessary files that are included in the package and the tool only seems to signal a simple note box (according to the reverse engineered cipher by iH8sn0w). As it is, we’ll have to wait a little while longer in order to get real working tools to jailbreak devices on the iPhone …