Polaroid Decides To Enter The Gaming Sector

You might have thought that Polaroid was done for a few years back, but now the company has come out and stated that it’s planning to enter the gaming scene, which is a big shift from its usual forte – cameras. Apparently that won’t be Polaroid’s first foray into the gaming scene, as the company […]

MobiCam Digital wireless monitoring system

The MobiCam Digital wireless monitoring system comes in handy for parents who want to keep track of their littles ones at night who reside in various rooms all through the home – after all, it lets you monitor up to 3 different cameras remotely, as expanded as those cameras do not go beyond the 450 […]

Nokla N71 dual SIM phone

The Nokla N71 cellphone is a dual SIM cellphone which features two cameras as well as a slide out QWERTY keyboard for quick and easy messaging. It comes with a microSD memory card slot and supports just two languages – simplified Chinese and English. Guess that is a -only handset that might see action in […]

Quill is at home on snow and land

Very rarely does an amphibious vehicle work well, but the Quill concept by British designer Halil Buzcuoglu is touted to move on both snow and land with equal efficiency. Capable of holding a couple of passengers comfortably, that conceptual ride comes with a large windscreen that gives way to an enhanced front view, where integrated […]

Rumor of Olympus E-PS1 floats around

There is word that the Olympus E-PS1 will be hitting the markets that June, and while it is not a high end model, it shouldn’t be a slouch in terms of performance, either, considering how Micro Four Thirds cameras are able to hold their own in any benchmark. Bear in mind that that is but […]

Eco Friendly LG Leaf Concept Phone

Designer Terrillo Walls has come up with a rather interesting concept phone design for LG, dubbed the “Leaf”. whether the name didn’t give it away, the concept seems to focus more on being eco-friendly and it integrates solar panels into the device to charge it with sustainable energy, which will do its part to help […]

Prism Color Video monitor

First moment parents are more often than not cautious in all that they do, and they will definitely invest in a baby monitor of sorts. Why not go all out with the Prism Color Video monitor, where you not only get to build out your little newborn from a different room, but additionally see him/her […]

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