iHome iP90 alarm clock dock updated

Seems that hardware these days work in pretty much the same way as vehicles – you get hardware updates from day to instance in a positive model. The same applies to the iHome iP90 alarm clock dock, where it has been refreshed to sport a larger display and better audio playback capability thanks to adjustable […]

64GB Creative ZEN X-Fi2 Is Now Available for $287

With all the hype surrounding Apple’s iPods, it’s easy to forget that there are other media players in the market, and now Creative has launched a 64GB version of its ZEN X-Fi2 media player for SGD399, which is about $287 when converted back to US dollars. The ZEN X-Fi2 offers a 3-inch LCD display, up […]

Personal Galatea SPA chair concept

The personal SPA chair concept ought to help you relax a whole lot better after a particularly gruelling day at work, since it comes with an adjustable privacy dome that offers personal entertainment on a laser touchscreen display while your body is being massaged and kneaded in all the right spots. Otherwise known as Galatea, […]

iDuck Wireless Speaker

Love spending plenty of moment in the bathroom with your favorite tunes? Unless you have piped in music as in hotels and other posh places, surely you won’t risk electrocuting your iPhone or iPod in there, right? With the iDuck Wireless Speaker, that problem is solved – plug the transmitter into your audio playback device, […]

Thinkware iNAVI KE100 GPS navigation system

Thinkware of Korea will roll out its iNAVI KE100 GPS navigation system that coming March 22nd, where it will feature their very own upgraded 3D electronic map known as the iNAVI Real 3D. Other specifications include a 7″ high-resolution LCD display, a rather speedy 900MHz processor, SiRF V6 GPS, integrated DMB, video and audio playback, […]

Itoos M3HD portable media player

Itoos has rolled out its latest portable media player known as the M3HD, where that puppy is able to handle 720p and 1080i videos alongside sporting 1080i video output. Of course, whether you don’t want to watch it by a large screen, there is always a 3.6″ display that it comes with as standard for […]

Samsung Beat R1 now priced

Samsung has priced their Beat R1 portable media player as it comes in two capacities – 8GB and 16GB, where they are going for $149.99 and $179.99, respectively. Measuring a mere 8.9mm thin while tipping the scales at 50 grams, the R1 is smaller than a credit card while cramming in a 2.6? LCD touchscreen […]

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