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PROFESSIONAL BUG SPY – FM VHF VOX Surveillance Transmitter Quartz locked BJV1

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PROFESSIONAL BUG SPY – FM VHF VOX Surveillance Transmitter Quartz locked BJV1

Ships from: Italy
Posted: 2015-11-19T09:57:44.000Z
Ends: 2017-06-11T09:57:44.000Z
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By sfricchio

PROFESSIONAL BUG SPY – FM VHF VOX Surveillance Transmitter Quartz locked BJV1

BJV1PROFESSIONAL BUG SPY – FM VHF VOX NO SIM CARD need, Fully Anonime Use! BJV1 is a Professional equipment, we offer REAL technical data. We don’t sell made in china!The frequency is 144 MHz, the modulation is FM, you may use a normal VHF Scanner or an Ham-Radio RTX like Yaesu, Icom,Kenwood,Baofeng or other brands, please note that it work in FM and NOT in WFM like some Toys sold at a high price. The problems of BUGS are the Battery Life, low Power Output and inability to overcome obstacles, this device make possible an incredible extension of Battery Life, because when there is no sound and voices, the transmitter go in sleep mode… In this state, it absorb less of 2mA that is negligible, but when a little sound is present it switch immediately in transmission mode for a Very Strong signal, (all the power saved can be used to generate a hight Power Output).BJV1 is a real Professional transmitter, consists of 6 distinct stages made in Micro-SMD Technology (hight integration like smartphone technology), all electronics is fully MIL (Military Standards),full NP0 capacitors, high thermal stability resistors, the inductors and couplings coils are all made ​​on the PCB layer.The frequency is locked by a Very hight Stability Quartz Oscillator (a real miniature SMT Quartz, not a SAW or shameful LC oscillators), 2 matched BJT in the final RF stage, for Hight Power and hight frequency stability (no frequency drift by joule effect). NO SIM card need, FULLY ANONIME use. All devices are tested before shipping, Battery is not included for postal weight. Shipped worldwide with registered post from ITALY Technical data: – 2 selectable Power levels, 8 or 36milliW (please, note that are real, not only numbers, an LPD Transmitter is 10milliW of RF power…)- Vox ultrasensitive (can be disabled by micro-jumper setting).- Led Light for Transmission / Vox Indicator (can be disabled by micro-jumper setting). – 2 supplied screw antennas interchangeable 1×1/4λ (3dB-gain) and one shorted for door to door use. – Hight sensitive microphone (46 dB!), it is preamplified at double the sensitivity of the human ear! (speech is perceived clearly even in all rooms). – Voltage 9V ONLY BATTERY ( the device is designed for work Only with Battery).- Stand-by Current

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