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iPhone Control Pads

Posted: August 25, 2008 at 11:37 pm No Comment

iPhone Control Pads

The iPhone is a pretty convincing portable gaming platform, but somehow there is just someting about traditional controllers that suit positive games perfectly even until today. TouchArcade has unearthed new evidence of a couple of iPhone control pads that throw in an array of buttons for the iPhone’s future games. The iControl pad as seen above will feature four face buttons, a D-pad, Start/Select and an LED that indicates it is currently in use. Another game pad design replaces the D-pad with an analog stick, but otherwise shares a similar button count with the iControl. Remember, it might not lok as though your iPhone’s sleek looks are worthy of these gamepads, but they’re still in the prototype stage so expect the final conclusion to be more aesthetically pleasing.

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