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iHome iP90 clock updated, Patent app hints at heart rate ID, iPhone HD saga continues

Posted: May 6, 2010 at 2:56 pm No Comment

The amount of accessories and docks on the market for the iPhone and iPad is staggering. iHome makes a lot of these items and has announced that its high-end iP90 alarm clock has been updated for 2010.

Apple has filed a new patent application that shows an interesting way to tell who is using the phone. The app outlines a heart rate sensor that is built into the case and reads the heart rate to identify the user.

The saga of police raids and legal wrangling surrounding the publishing of the iPhone HD prototype on Gizmodo are legendary. A judge presiding by the case has now been told that the documents that are secret right now outlining why the search of the Gizmodo editors home was allowed should be public. These sorts of documents are public record in most cases.

Orginal post by Shane McGlaun

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