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From UA Thinnest Edic-mini Tiny 16+ A75 150HQ Micro Digital Voice Recorder SPY Gadget

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Thinnest Edic-mini Tiny 16+ A75 150HQ Micro Digital Voice Recorder SPY Gadget

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Thinnest Edic-mini Tiny 16+ A75 150HQ Micro Digital Voice Recorder SPY Gadget

As an official representative Telesystems with a full 1-year warranty service Sold only NEW recorders Super Think Recording Edic Mini Tiny16+ A75 150HQ Digital Voice Recorder highly sensitive built-in microphone up to 15 metersextremely thin (77 * 27 * 3.5 mm), weighs only 13 grams, has a high sensitivity – 15 m (up to 50ft) EDIC-Mini Tiny16+ A75 combines the best technologies and perfect balance of the most advanced methods of voice recording: 16 bit audio codec, which provides high quality recording and more accurate signal digitizing, Highly sensitive built-in microphone with protection from background noise that is capable of making highly legible record from a distance of 15 meters(!). Sampling rate was increased to 22 kHz that allows to record sounds incredibly clear. Built-in AGC system (Automatic Gain Control), which allows provide flexible adjustment of settings according to the acoustic conditions. It is possible to set up fixed gain or enable automatic gain control. This small voice recorder can work without recharging – up to 55 hours!!!, up to 150 hours in record mode with VAS. Edic-mini is so small that it can be hidden anywhere. You can leave it at home to know what happened there while you were away. Or you can take it to work to know what your colleagues speak about, or to use it as a black box at long conferences, Meetings, group discussions and Brainstorming Sessions… Put it in a book as a bookmark, etc. You can use it in any way you like. It’s your decision! Key characteristics Professional record level due to more accurate signal capture using the 16-bit audio codec AGC (Auto Gain Control) sound levels by increasing the quiet and recording without distortion at high volumes, thus providing a clear and high-quality recording, even in difficult acoustic environments. . Thanks to think dimensions and ease recorder is easy to carry and always keep on hand at the right time to hold the record.Used in the recorder microphone has high sensitivity and low noise levels, which allows for professional audio recording from up to 15 meters.Recorder is very easy to use: turn on and off the record is a slide switch.Low power consumption: despite the tiny size recorder capable of performing continuous recording up to 150 hours.Support system digital markers: a record made at the hearing added subtle markers that allow us to determine the time and date recorded title, type, and serial number of the recorder, on which records, as well as to determine whether the record is edited.Application of the USB adapter allows high-speed pumped made entries in the PCWith the help of special software the user can easily adjust the quality of the recording and the recorder, enable and configure the professional functions as appropriate and in accordance with their requirements. The main function High-quality audio signals without compression.The automatic gain control (AGC).4GB internal memory or up to 150 hours of recording time.55 hours (8kHz) of battery run off Li-Pol rechargeable battery 150 mAhStart recording switch, voice, daily or one-timers.Indication of the recorder via LED.Linear and circular recording modes.Protection from unauthorized access recorder password.Support system of digital markers, allowing to determine the truth of record.High-Speed USB 2.0 (up to 7 MB/sec).Built-in clock and calendar My other lots – here click Specifications The digital audio recorder can be connected to PC via a USB port with the supplied cable. With the supplied software, working under Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 OS 32-64 bit , makes it possible: To work with the recorder and records used updated version RecManager, which now allows the functional:listen, move to the PC, edit and delete entries made;produce the recording setup, easy to choose the desired quality / recording time;connect and configure additional features and capabilities of the recorder (Timer, VAS etc.);listen to the recording from the recorder directly, not pumping it into the PC;cut and run from the selected track record made;select and play only the fragments to a recording made using the VAS, missing parts without a voice recording;built-in tips make the program very easy and convenient. Specifications Dimensions 77 x 27 X 3.5 mm Weight 13 g Material metall Colour black Recording source built-in microphone Play recordings via PC PC connection USB 2.0 (up to 7 MByte / sec) Indicator of LED Management 1 switch Frequency characteristics sensitivity of the built-in microphone to 15 m SNR – 80 dB bandwidth while recording 100 – 10000 Hz Codec 16-bit Recording Mode mono Audiofayloa format after conversion wav Compression method uncompressed u-Law Rate 8 kHz 10 kHz 13.3 kHz 20 kHz Built-in gain -1 to +40db Operating temperature from 0 to +40 ° C Extras built-in AGC Voice Activation System VAS Password protected entries timer daily and single to use as a Flash-drive linear or circular recording “Digital signature” made record Storage media Built-in Flash-Memory Memory hours (At a frequency of 8 kHz and compression in 2-bit ADPCM) 150hq (16Gb) Supply Li-Pol rechargeable battery 150 mAh Operating batteries recording mode (sampling frequency: 8 kHz, no compression) – up to 55 hours in record mode with VAS, audio signals below a threshold – up to 150 hours in standby mode – up 4 months While charging Guarantee 1 year My other lots – here click Highlights: 16-bit audio codec The main difference recorders Edic-mini Tiny16+ from Tiny+ series is the use of 16-bit audio codec that has significantly improved the quality of the recording. Through the use of the new algorithm managed to reduce sound digitization digital noise. Thus, the noise disappeared, distorting the sound of human speech. Automatic Gain Control (AGC) In voice recorders Edic-mini Tiny16+ possible to control the level of sound recording. Loud sounds without distortion can make quieter, and quiet – on the contrary strengthened. Thus such a correction can be made either manually (by appropriate settings in the software) and automatically. There are 5 types of AGC for the record:in a small quiet room a little noisy environmentin a large quiet roombig noisy environmentoutdoors Digital recordings mades on voice recorders Edic-mini Tiny16+ protected against forgery system markers It is invisible to the user markings, which extend through the entire record and allow us to determine the integrity of recorded voice data. With these characters, you can find: a model recorder on which the recording was made, the serial number, the date and time of the recording, as well as whether there was an attempt to modify it. For these markers, you can check the integrity of the records not only RecManager’om, but with the help of a special program, which is used in the MIA to determine the authenticity of digital records available to them. If the record has been changed, the recorder is not detect it as genuine. Attention! Information about the authenticity of the recording can be viewed using the built-Rec-Manager in the “GUIDE” button “File Properties”. Recording Modes With recorders Edic-mini Tiny16+ can carry both linear and circular recording. In linear recording the number and duration of messages is limited by the available memory. Roundabout method allows not stop recording. When the recorder runs out of memory, voice recorder just beginning to replace the old data with new data. Thus, the memory always contains the most recent recording Protection of information To protect the information in voice recorders Edic-mini Tiny16+ can set a password to prevent others from the user access to the content and settings of the recorder. Timer Recording The recorder Edic-mini Tiny16+ can be done automatically. To do this, the recorder features 2 timer: daily (set start time and end time), and single (specified date, start time and end time data entry). Voice activation Voice recorders Edic-mini Tiny16+ equipped with voice activation (VAS – voice activation system), which can reduce memory consumption and thereby increase the actual recording time and energy from the power source. When unloading records in the PC pauses can be restored (as silence), or skipped depending on your settings. Management Manage recorders Edic-mini Tiny16+ is very simple. It is carried out switch. Display modes recorder is carried out by the LED. Connecting to a PC Voice recorders Edic-mini Tiny16+ plug into a USB port on your computer using the adapter supplied. Bundled software running under operating systems Windows HR/32 bit OS Windows7, Windows8, allows you to save the recorded messages as standard sound files, program various parameters recorder allows you to listen to the recording in the “Content dictaphone” You can update the firmware (firmware ) recorder via the USB interface. In the Box: 1 x Digital voice recorder1 x USB 2.0 adapter1 x Warranty card1 x Package box My other lots – here click PAYMENTEasy payment method which is very safe and secure. When using PayPal your item is covered by the Paypal Payment Protection programme up to the value of $2000. SHIPPINGFREE SHIPPING* on each ADDITIONAL item you purchaseIssued Tracking Number.You’re protected against theft, loss of your purchase.Should you have any questions – askWe ship worlwide to Confirmed Address onlyWe can mark new items as gift, commercial sample or return goods, or we can decrease cost of items. But in this case, buyer loses insurance.Note we are not responsible for the duties or taxes your country may impose nor can we predict what those fees are INFORMATION TAXThe buyer is responsible for any applicable import duty and local taxes. Please verify with your customs before purchase. WARRANTYAll our products have manufacture warranty, manufacturer of products, Telesystems company, undertakes obligations of guarantee repairs of the product within one (1) year from the date of sale. Claims for guarantee repairs are not accepted at:operation rules violatin mechanical damages absence of Telesystems’ stamp on the productAll the questions concerned returning and exchanging the product, are solved in accordance with the Consumer protection laws. Warning! The guarantee does not cover batteries. In case of return for warranty service please kindly contact us for the return instructions CONTACTS We are an electronic, phone free organization (with real people to answer emails). Please use contact seller feature in for any Questions? Comments! or Requests we will do our best to reply the same day or the next BUSINESS day. (M-F 9AM-6PM EST) If you have already purchased, please include your name We reply to all e-mails, if you did not get a reply try to contact us directly thru and make sure your e-mail spam setting allows our e-mails in. gds-ua

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