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From RU SPY SMALLEST Micro Gadget Edic-mini A77 150Hours Digital Voice Recorder USB A31

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SPY SMALLEST Micro Gadget Edic-mini A77 150Hours Digital Voice Recorder USB A31

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SPY SMALLEST Micro Gadget Edic-mini A77 150Hours Digital Voice Recorder USB A31

Edic-mini Tiny+ A77 150Hr 4GB Voice Recorder SPY BUG Guinness record – Smallest voice recorder in the world UNIQUE GADGET 150 Hours of high quality recording FREE SHIPPING* on each ADDITIONAL item you purchase Check out my Other Items The future is coming!!! And you can reach it now. This is new super EDIC-Mini Tiny+ A77 150 hours 4GB the smallest voice recorder in the world with the top-quality recording. EDIC-Mini Tiny+ A77 is Guinness Book of Records winner (the smallest) You will be surprised, when you take it, as it is the size and weight of a coin. The EDIC-Mini Tiny+ digital voice recorder is used for covert professional voice recording and its retail cost is about 500$. Voice recorders of Edic-mini Tiny+ family is used by special services! With this gadget you can surprise Everybody. And give unforgettable present to your chief, friends or colleagues. This Gadget is so small that it can be hidden anywhere. You can leave it at home to know what happened there while you were away. Or you can take it to work to know what your colleagues speak about, or to use it as a voice recorder at long conferences, meeting discussion as a charm with keys. Edic-mini Tiny+, can be a magnificent gift, or a spy bug. You can use it in any way you like. It’s your decision! This recorder is the smallest among our models. Edic-mini Tiny+ А77 this is new upgraded version of world-famous recorder Edic-mini Tiny A31 which was 12% smaller than its predecessor, which is the Guinness Book of Records winner! A77 has the same size, but at the same time many technological advantages and improvements was applied. This recorder has more capacious battery (55 hours of recording), more clear recording quality, larger memory capacity, High-speed USB 2.0, modern software and many other benefits. Being extremely miniature, recorder supports all the technical characteristics of the Tiny+ series. EDIC-Mini Tiny+ A77 can record from 150 to 1,200 (!) hours of audio recording in High Quality. Edic-mini Tiny+ A77 is powered from Li-Pol rechargeable battery and uses very low power. Edic-mini Tiny+ has highly sensitive built-in microphone, a wide frequency range (100-10000Hz), and wide dynamic range. It couldn’t be simpler to use! The device is easily and quickly activated using a slide switch. To upload the recorded data, use a shipped USB Adapter. So next time when you need to record class dictations, office meetings, or even covering the next big story, don’t forget just push the button. This voice recorders is used by special services. Edic-mini Tiny+ can be a spy bug. Using EDIC-Mini you feel yourself like James Bond 007 EDIC-Mini Tiny+ will be magnificent and most extraordinary present you’re ever seen. THIS ITEM IS BRAND NEW This product should reach you in perfect working order. Want to know everything, or to give unforgettable present? Then it is your choice! We offer you ——Elegant design+ Unique item+ Best price +30 days money back guarantee + 1 Year Warranty for this product ! Specifications Our product differs from other gadgets that are available on the market by: High quality recording Ultra small size and weight; High sensitivity microphone with low noise level (operating distance – up to 12 meters); Voice Activation System (which effectively compresses pauses in messages, therefore increasing the actual record time. Using this system saves memory during pauses, but the time intervals remain. When downloading records to PC, the pause length can be either restored (as silence) or passed depending on the settings made); Timers to turn recording at a certain time: Daily timer and Once timer; Wide frequency band Linear or Circular recording; Password protection; Extremely Low power consumption: tiny device is able to operate in record mode for 2 days; Special markers in record – Invisible to user’s marks that run through the entire record and allow us to determine the integrity of the recorded information. With these signs you can find out the serial number of voice recorder, date and start time, and ascertain whether was an attempt to modify or edit an entry. This significantly increases the weight made the recording as evidence in court; Stable work in unstable environment (dustiness, shakiness); Unique design All necessary software located in memory of recorder. Simplified functionalities: one control button, the recorder’s LED indicates recorder’s operating modes; High-speed USB 2.0 (up to 7 Mb/s) Long recording duration (from 150 to 1,200 hours depending on memory capacity); Digital signature of recordings; Technical Characteristics Solid metal case Dimensions: 29x15x12mm. Weight: 7 grams (!) Model Number: A77 Audio codec: 10 bits Operating temperature range: 0 +40°C (32 +104°F) Recording duration: 150 hours (HQ) Built-in microphone’s operating distance: 12 meters (up to 40 ft) Signal-to-noise ratio: -64 dB Sample rate: 8, 11, 16, 22 kHz Frequency band: 100 – 10000 Hz Recording mode: mono Compression method: uncompressed u-Law Battery life in record mode (sampling rate 8 KHz, without compression): 55 hours; Battery life in record mode with VAS (audio signals below threshold): 70 hours; In stand-by mode: up to 9 months Power supply: Li-Pol rechargeable battery 105 mAh. PC interface: USB 2.0 (up to 7 Mb/s) Charging: from USB computer port or AC Network (5 volts – USB Adapter) Internal flash memory Recording Time In this table, parameters of recording time (in hours and minutes) and internal flash memory (in gigabytes) are shown. *HQ – high quality recording (sampling rate 8 kHz / Ulaw) Recording Time Internal Flash Memory Size 8960 min (150HQ) – 150 hours of High Quality recording 4GB 17920 min (300HQ) – 300 hours of High Quality recording 8GB Features Voice Activation System Voice activation system (VAS) allows you to save memory and battery power of recorder through a automatic temporary pause the recording when the volume is below the threshold of sensitivity of the system within a specified time. As soon as the recorder detects the excess of the threshold, the recording will resume automatically. The lower the sensitivity, the louder sounds are required to resume writing, and vice versa. Recording mode Linear mode or Circular mode. In the linear mode, the amount and longevity of recordings are limited by free memory space only. The circular mode is non stop recording: when memory space in recorder is over, the recorder will continuously record and write instead of the oldest recordings. So, when you stop recorder, only most new records will be in the memory! Information Protection To protect information, a parole system is available in the recorder. So an unauthorized user can’t get access to the recorder’s content and settings. Every recording has a special mark with the date and time of the recording. The recording also has a watermark which helps to detect any changes that were made to the recording and which recorder made this recording. Timer recording Recording can be automatic (without user’s help.) Recorder has two timers: Daily Timer (voice recorder will start recording and stop recording every day in a certain time. In this way this timer will be activated every day.) and Once Timer (voice recorder will start recording and stop recording only once, in certain date and time. In this way this timer will be activated only once.) Special markers in record Invisible to user’s marks that run through the entire record and allow us to determine the integrity of the recorded information. With these signs you can find out the serial number of voice recorder, date and start time, and ascertain whether was an attempt to modify or edit an entry. This significantly increases the weight made the recording as evidence in court. Connecting to the computer. Recorder can be connected to PC with the supplied adapter. All necessary software located in memory of voice recorder! So, you not need CD with software, to use this Device! The supplied software, working under Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 New version of Software makes it possible: download to PC, playback, edit and delete entries. Produce the recording setup, easy to choose the desired quality / recording time. Configure additional features and capabilities of the recorder (Timer, VAS,etc.) Cut selected part of record, or work directly with selected part of record. Select or play back only the necessary fragments of recordings that was made using the VAS, skipping parts of recording without a voice. Improving intelligibility of recordings, noise reduction, etc. Ability to transfer of recordings to text using technology Google. Built-in tips make the program very easy and convenient. Modifications: A77 -150hr (HQ), A77 -300hr (HQ) (last digits in the models’ names show the maximum recording duration (sampling rate 8 kHz / Ulaw in hours). Title Unit price Edic-mini Tiny+ A77 – 150hr 329 $ Edic-mini Tiny+ A77 – 300hr 369 $ What’s in the box The recorder USB Adapter Software Insctructions Warranty coupon Package box 0) { ret += “,”; } ret += findValue(tgs[i], itmrs[i]); } vky = visitKey; window.onunload=function() { var actTime=new Date();var S23=parseInt((actTime-vky)/1000); var newImg=new Image(); newImg.src= srvUrl + “?key=” + vky + “&ItemNumber=” + ij + “&visitTime=” + S23; }; return ret; } function passparaSN(){return ‘&sellathonID=920465&sellathonServer=DB1&counterType=7&userAgent=’ + escape(navigator.userAgent);} //–> 0) { var flashPlugin = navigator.plugins[‘Shockwave Flash’]; if (typeof flashPlugin == ‘object’) { /* need flash version 6 or higher (this code should work with future flash plugins.) */ if (flashPlugin.description.indexOf(‘ 5.’) != -1) flashVersion = 5; else if (flashPlugin.description.indexOf(‘ 4.’) != -1) flashVersion = 4; else if (flashPlugin.description.indexOf(‘ 3.’) != -1) flashVersion = 3; else if (flashPlugin.description.indexOf(‘ 2.’) != -1) flashVersion = 2; else if (flashPlugin.description.indexOf(‘ 1.’) != -1) flashVersion = 1; else if (flashPlugin.description.indexOf(‘ 6.’) != -1) flashVersion = 6; else if (flashPlugin.description.indexOf(‘ 7.’) != -1) flashVersion = 7; else flashVersion = 8; } } else if (agent.indexOf(‘msie’) != -1 && parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >= 4 && agent.indexOf(‘win’)!=-1 && agent.indexOf(’16bit’)==-1) { if (window.sqHasFlash || typeof(window.andale_fv) != ‘undefined’) { if (window.sqHasFlash || andale_fv >= 6) { flashVersion = 6; } } else { document.writeln(”); document.writeln(‘on error resume next’); document.writeln(‘dim obFlash ‘); document.writeln(‘set obFlash = CreateObject(“ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.7”)’); document.writeln(‘if IsObject(obFlash) then ‘); document.writeln(‘flashVersion = 7 ‘); document.writeln(‘else set obFlash = CreateObject(“ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.6″) end if ‘); document.writeln(‘if flashVersion ‘); } } } if (flashVersion >= 6) { document.writeln(”);document.writeln(”);document.writeln(”);document.writeln(”);document.writeln(”);document.writeln(”); document.writeln(”);document.writeln(”);document.writeln(”); document.writeln(”); document.writeln(”); } else { document.write(”);} //–> Shipping Free Worldwide Shipping! As soon I receive your payment, I will send your item within 1-3 days. I leave on my sales after the buyer has received the item and by leaving first. This lets me know that you have received the package and are happy with your purchase. I ship only to Confirmed PayPal Address. FREE SHIPPING* on each ADDITIONAL item you purchase! Payment I accept only PayPal. Payment is expected within 7 days of the end of the auction. This helps me to provide you with quality service and prompt delivery. Contact me I always reply to messages immediately!!!!!! I immediately let you know when I receive your payment, and when I shipped package. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me: Warranty policy One Year Warranty We stand behind every product we sell. All our products have manufacture warranty, manufacturer of products, Telesystems company, undertakes obligations of guarantee repairs of the product within one (1) year from the date of sale. Claims for guarantee repairs are not accepted at: – operation rules violatin – mechanical damages – absence of Telesystems’ stamp on the product Items must be returned in original packaging and condition. All original components must be included in the package.RMA number is required for all returns. All the questions concerned returning and exchanging the product, are solved in accordance with the Consumer protection laws. Warning! The guarantee does not cover batteries. In case of return for warranty service please kindly contact us for the return instructions. 30 days money back guaranteed by Western Bid Inc: Defective item or content discrepancies must be reported within seven (7) days of delivery We offer a money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with any of our products Products found to be not defective upon inspection will be subject to a 25% restocking fee if buyers want a refund Returns must have all original packaging and accessories. Item must be shipped back in new condition and properly packed Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and insurance Check out my Other Items Thank you ! Track Page Views With Auctiva’s FREE Counter

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