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Great Tech (and Non-Tech) People

A year ago, I met Marylene Delbourg-Delphis, founder and former CEO of ACI/ACI US (now 4D), at a business event in San Francisco and I was immediately impressed by her detailed knowledge of complex technological concepts. A few months ago, she started a blog called Grade A entrepreneurs; and, given her 20 years spent in the Silicon Valley creating companies and helping numerous start-ups, she has some great stories to tell.

One of the latest articles features Ken Kaplan, (photo), Broadcast and New Media Manager at Intel, who we know quite well now. It is strange for a media, whether it is “new” or “old”, to publish about PR society whom they work with, except for complaining about them. It could be interpreted as a clash of interest, but for once, I wanted to write about one of the great citizens who helps us deliver fresh tech news every day. Marylene’s commentary reflects well Ken’s professionalism and his good understanding of the new PR, read her post here.

I liked other articles, here is a short list:

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