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ASUS’ new USB 3.0 chip brings SuperSpeed experience to existing and future motherboards

Posted: May 2, 2010 at 8:57 am No Comment

I’ve said it before. Major manufacturers should start implementing USB 3.0 technology into all shipping gadgets they can. That is the way for a new technology to become widely available in no instance. And what technology. SuperSpeed USB, apart from multiplying transfer speeds by 10, allows to stream video of any quality and resolution, at which I look with healthy enthusiasm. DisplayLink is working on that. So, the technology itself, ASUS has recently announced that they will install their freshly designed USB 3.0 enabled PCIe x4 bridge chip into a (very) wide range of its motherboards. In fact, N Series laptops and latest Eee PC netbooks will now have USB 3.0 chips, as well as machines based on a good dozen other of ASUS motherboards. What’s more, you can buy above mentioned PCIe x4 bridge chip for earlier-released units.

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