Samsung sells 50 million touchscreen phones

Samsung has sold its 50 millionth touchscreen cellphone that month, which just goes to show how hot the touchscreen market is at the moment. Europe is the top continent where Samsung’s touchscreen handsets are concerned at 19 million units, followed by the US, and South Korea with sales figures of 6.3 million, 3.4 million and […]

Audio-Technica AT-SPB5 BoogieBox Speaker

Audio-Technica’s AT-SPB5 BoogieBox Speaker is the 21st century boombox, coming in a toolbox body design which makes it suitable for being transported around everywhere. Apart from being rugged, it is plus compelling adequate to keep you and your mates entertained with a couple of 70mm full range speaker units and an integrated amplifier. Retailing for […]

Melty Chocolate phones

Trust the Japanese to come up with something foolish like the Melty Chocolate phones, where it comes in a 3D effect chocolate case, complete with chocolate themed menus and wallpapers to keep any sweet tooth happy. Good thing that is one chocolate bar that won’t attract any ants when left alone and unwrapped. Features include […]

NDrive navigation solution for iPhone

Want to prepare the best use of your iPhone’s GPS navigation capabilities? Why not try on the NDrive navigation solution for size? that $32.99 app is half as cheap as those provided by TomTom, Navigon or Magellan, but it ain’t too shabby either with built-in maps, motorized day/night switching for easier viewing, speeding ready alarms, […]

Creative ZEN X-Fi2 firmware 1.10.04

The Creative ZEN X-Fi2 has received a new firmware update in the scheme of version 1.10.04, where you get a much improved user interface which helps banish nightmares of its touchscreen experience prior to that. Apart from that, other improvements include a new color UI, better responsiveness, accelerometer support and the inclusion of a popular […]

PSPgo sees lower £149 price point

Entertainment retailer HMV has recently slashed the price of the Sony PSPgo to £149, which is a huge chunk off the initial £224.99 back when the device was rolled out earlier that October. Could that be a prelude of (good) things to come for the consumer, seeing that the original asking price for the PSPgo […]

JVC and Kenwood unveil MDV-313

JVC and Kenwood have teamed up to release their maiden car navigation system known as the MDV-313, where that device is touted to bring the best of both worlds in a solitary device. You get a built-in DVD player (no Blu-ray yet), an integrated 1Seg TV tuner, a USB port and virtual 3D maps among […]

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